About United Anesthesia Associates, Inc.

Specializing in Anesthesia Placement

United Anesthesia has been placing anesthesia providers since 1979. No other organization is more trusted to connect anesthesia providers with hospitals and surgery centers in all 50 states. Our client list includes university hospitals, small rural hospitals, and military and veterans’ facilities to name a few.

United Anesthesia sets itself apart in a specific way. We specialize in Anesthesia placement. That's all we do. This allows us to focus completely on anesthesia providers and the demands of the anesthesia industry and how best to service both. Anesthesia professionals and facilities come to us because they know it's our focus. It's what we do best.

Our mission is to offer our anesthesia providers and facility clients the exceptional service we would expect ourselves.

Green Initiative

We’re trying to do our part to make a difference for generations to come. Our processes are as paper-free as possible and we recycle the paper we do use. We’ve reduced our energy consumption for everything from solar generated sensored faucets to movement sensored lighting. Our headquarters are located in a Green building with interiors of recycled and sustainable materials and Low VOC paints, and 80% of our building construction waste was recycled.

Charities We Believe In

These are causes that we support and inspire us to become better people. The American Cancer Society and Operation Christmas Child.

What Our Clients Say

  • Kim, CRNA
    "I decided I wanted to take a chance and started looking into locum tenens assignments. The employees and coordinators at United Anesthesia made the transition seamless for me. They were there every step of the way and have made sure my needs were met throughout credentialing and assignment placement. I could not ask for a better team."
    Kim, CRNA
  • Sandy, CRNA
    "United Anesthesia has been great! Always have different opportunities available to me and keep me posted on upcoming positions. Glad to be part of the United team."
    Sandy, CRNA
  • Nathan, CRNA
    "I have been with United Anesthesia for the last 16 years and my experience with them is one that is superb and exemplary."
    Nathan, CRNA
  • Joseph, CRNA
    "I have been working with United Anesthesia for more than a year now. My experience with them has been greatly positive. The team is highly professional, very accessible, and they go out of their way to help you. It's a great organization to work for. I am happy to work with and work for United Anesthesia."
    Joseph, CRNA
  • Jonathan, CRNA
    "United has always been very helpful providing for my needs and maintains a prompt and responsive staff."
    Jonathan, CRNA
  • Dr. G., M.D. Anesthesiologist
    "I have been doing locums for just a short time, but I was so encouraged by my recruiter's helpfulness and pleasant manner that I would put United Anesthesia at the top of my list of preferred locums providers."
    Dr. G., M.D. Anesthesiologist
  • Jeff, CRNA
    "I've been working with United Anesthesia for over 4 years. They have always been upfront and very helpful about all the assignments, taking care to match the assignment with the types of operating rooms I would like to work in. After setting up an assignment, they call to make certain all is going well, and always ask if I need anything. They have always been very helpful in the credentialing process. I highly recommend them for Locums work!"
    Jeff, CRNA
  • Carla, CRNA
    "I have enjoyed my last 12 years working with United Anesthesia. They are always very helpful when securing a locums assignment. The staff are friendly and readily available."
    Carla, CRNA
  • Dr. L, M.D. Anesthesiologist
    "I've come away with a sound respect for United Anesthesia as reflected by their corporate compliance, scheduling, and financial departments' personnel. Communications have always been prompt, precise, very personable and professional. I'm very impressed with the organization and am sure that the excellent communications between the staff and myself reflect highly on United Anesthesia Associates and demonstrates that they invest in strong organizational and professional support. I appreciate that very much."
    Dr. L, M.D. Anesthesiologist
  • Regina, CRNA
    "I have worked with United Anesthesia since 2013 and I absolutely love the relationship I have! They are concerned not only about matching me with the right assignment, but also about me personally, and that I am happy once I get there. I have worked with no other agencies since I started working with United, and I don't plan to. They are a wonderful bunch with which to work!"
    Regina, CRNA
  • Ramon, CRNA
    "Great experience working with United Anesthesia, they are always committed to make your assignment as smooth as possible."
    Ramon, CRNA
  • Janet, CRNA
    "I have worked for United Anesthesia for over 20 years as an adjunct to my full time job. I have been very happy with the variety of jobs that I have been given. All of my recruiters have been very professional and delightful to work with. As an occasional United CRNA, I find the availability of the per diem malpractice insurance a great convenience. I have recommended United to many of my CRNA friends."
    Janet, CRNA
  • Lori, CRNA
    "I absolutely love working with United Anesthesia. The staff there is professional, courteous, very helpful in locating assignments and then keeping in touch and following up throughout the assignment. United Anesthesia has been just awesome to work with. I just completed almost two years working with them at an IHS facility and thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything was just as described- no surprises. Payroll was right on time too. I will definitely continue my relationship with United."
    Lori, CRNA
  • Dr. M., Anesthesiologist
    "Great customer service. Fast. Efficient. Always someone to get back to you. Thanks for a wonderful service."
    Dr. M., Anesthesiologist
  • Ed, Human Resources Director
    "My experience working with United for our Locums' needs has been outstanding. I have found them to be responsive, always professional and work hard to find the right fit for our group. United has earned my trust and we will continue to use them as a resource. I would recommend United without any reservation."
    Ed, Human Resources Director
  • Dr. S., M.D., Director of Anesthesia
    "I turned to United Anesthesia to help me cover a large hospital expansion. I worked closely with many members of their team including recruiters, credentialing specialists, and payroll personnel. They are efficient, skilled, and dedicated in their work. I have been pleased with the clinical skill set of all the anesthetists they provided me with. I recommend them highly without reservation to anyone looking for assistance with anesthesia needs."
    Dr. S., M.D., Director of Anesthesia
  • Dr. C., D.O., Vice President
    "United Anesthesia has been great to work with. I have really appreciated their diligence in finding candidates who are the best fit for our model of anesthesia care and our facility's unique needs. Their customer service has been stellar, and their follow through has exceeded my expectations."
    Dr. C., D.O., Vice President