Anesthesia Providers FAQs

1What states do you have jobs in?
As one of the pioneers in the anesthesia staffing industry we have client facilities in all 50 states.
2What is Locum Tenens?
A Locum Tenens is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another.
3How long are Locums assignments?
Locums assignments can range from long-term on-going positions to more short term lengths such as, a month, a week, or even a day, as well as PRN opportunities.
4What are the benefits of being a Locum CRNA?
First of all, time. Time is the most valuable commodity and you have control over what assignments you take and whether you would like to work assignments with lots of hours or take a month off and visit the Caribbean. You control your time. Secondly, finances. Locum Tenens assignments pay on average 30-40% higher than an hourly permanent position does allowing you the opportunity to decide the benefits that best fit you and your lifestyle.
5What is the Locum Tenens placement process?
  1. Complete the Provider Information Form and share your CV with us
  2. We obtain your approval to send your CV to a client facility for assignment
  3. Our client facility accepts you for their assignment (some facilities may request an interview first, typically by phone)
  4. We assist the credentialing process with the facility and will need to confirm we have copies of your licenses, certifications, insurance and sometimes health documents on file as well as verifications
  5. We assist with the details of your travel arrangements, if necessary
  6. You go on your assignment
  7. Repeat steps 2-6
6What happens when I share my Curriculum Vitae (CV or Resume) with you?
We only share your CV with facilities once we have received your permission to do so.
7Do you share my information?
We only share your CV with facilities once we have received your permission to do so. Once confirmed for an assignment we assist with credentialing by providing the facility copies of the licenses, certifications, and sometimes health documents we have on file to expedite the process for you.
8Who arranges my Locum Tenens assignment?
Your personal coordinator will work with you to ascertain specific needs you might have, from bringing your spouse to travelling in your RV, and will help iron out the details for you with the facility. You will receive a confirmation that covers the specifics of your assignment including hourly rates and expenses covered.
9What kind of pay can a Locum Tenens provider expect?
Typically locum tenens assignments pay an hourly rate plus expenses such as, travel, lodging and meal per diem. The standard is $90-$110 an hour for CRNAs and $165-$200 an hour for Anesthesiologists. When presenting you to a client facility we will let them know on presentation what expenses you will need. Keep in mind that most PRN and single day assignments prefer candidates that do not require additional expenses.
10How is Locum Tenens Paid?
It varies from facility to facility. Some facilities pay providers directly for their assignments. When they do so, we request that the providers be paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice but may be up to 30 days. For assignments where United Anesthesia pays the provider on behalf of the facility payment is via direct deposit and processed two weeks after week end to allow for all billing forms and receipts to be received. Most government facilities and some other facilities require us to forward payment to you.
11What is an All-Inclusive Rate?
An All-Inclusive Rate is typically an hourly rate you would require that includes your regular hourly rate plus pro-rated expenses for the day or week. Typically, the rate is marked up by the provider $15-$20 an hour to cover their expenses while on assignment.
12Do I need liability insurance?
Yes, you will need to carry your own personal policy for professional liability or use our policy which is available for a nominal daily rate. Keep in mind that if you elect to work locums full-time long-term then obtaining your own personal policy may be more cost effective.
13Do you provide Malpractice Insurance?
Malpractice/Professional Liability Insurance of $1M/$3M with special limits in Virginia and Kansas is available.
14What Costs will I be responsible for?
There are tax advantages to locum tenens. As an independent contractor you are responsible for your own taxes, professional liability insurance, health insurance, retirement plan, worker’s compensation insurance and any other benefits you might otherwise receive as an employee as well as professional fees such as licenses and certifications. Some items can be tax-deductible. Talk with your CPA about options that fit your situation.
15What about State Licenses?
We will work with you to find the right position for you whether you carry a single state license or many. We recommend carrying at least three licenses in the surrounding states of your permanent residence. In addition, you may wish to carry more licenses in states that have very active locum tenens needs to keep you working throughout the year.
16How does the Nurse Licensure Compact work?
If you live in a state that participates in the Compact then your RN license is accepted in other Compact states. You will only need to apply for the advanced practice license. Learn more at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing:
17What license do I need to practice at a government facility?
Any state license, including P.R., is accepted as government facilities are located on federal property.
18Why would I need to get a DEA number for certain assignments?
As laws and by-laws continue to change some facilities do require CRNAs to register for a DEA number. This is more commonly seen in autonomous practices such as Indian Health Services and sometimes Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.
19Do I pay a fee to help me find a Permanent Position?
No, there are no costs to the provider.
20Who do I contact while on assignment?
If a concern arises or you are not able to report as scheduled please contact the reporting contact at the facility as well as your personal coordinator.
21Why should I use a recruiter?
Certainly you can locate assignments or a permanent position on your own. A reputable recruiter and placement agency can save you time and money. They have the resources to interact with client facilities to obtain the information you need as timely as possible and they understand the market and geographic pay ranges to help you make educated decisions about what is best for you. All while you are currently working.
22Why partner with United Anesthesia?
We specialize in anesthesia placement and we’ve been helping anesthesia providers just like you since 1979. Our goal is to provide you the customer service we would expect ourselves. Your personal coordinator assists with all of the details to each assignment to make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way, from assistance with credentialing to coordinating travel arrangements. Our reputation for friendly service and professionalism is the reason our providers work with us again and again.
23When can I start working?
As soon as you are credentialed! We follow the Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services certification standards and require current credentials on file. This helps us get you started faster as we are able to share documents with the client facility where you select an assignment. Keep in mind that credentialing times vary facility to facility and a good rule of thumb is that the larger the facility, the longer the credentialing time frame and more documentation required. Surgery centers can sometimes credential within 24 hours while large facilities may take up to three months.