Facility Solutions for Anesthesia Coverage FAQs

1What states do you cover?
As one of the pioneers in the anesthesia staffing industry we have client facilities in all 50 states.
2What is Locum Tenens?
A Locum Tenens is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another.
3What Locum Tenens fees can I expect?
Locum Tenens providers are typically paid an hourly rate and expenses such as: travel, lodging and meal per diem. We let you know up front of the anticipated expense requests each provider presented would require.
4Why is there a minimum number of hours required?
Anesthesia providers have their choice of assignments and most require an 8 hour guarantee of pay. At times we are able to locate a provider that requires a 6 hour guarantee for a surgery center situation, but in order to help you locate the provider closest to your facility and best fit for your requirements we recommend an 8 hour guarantee.
5Will the Locums Provider be my employee?
No, Locum Tenens Providers are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes, licensure fees, insurances, worker’s comp, etc.
6What are Anesthesia Permanent Placement fees?
Permanent placement fees are contingent on your selection of a candidate that we present to you. If you like a candidate we present to you and decide to hire them on, then there is a pre-agreed upon flat fee due once the Anesthesiologist or CRNA successfully starts.
7Do you bill for anesthesia services?
No, we are not a billing company. We can provide supplemental anesthesia staffing coverage; however, billing for cases should be handled specifically through a billing company or person educated on the ever changing system for correct coding and billing.
8Why should I use a recruiter?
Certainly you can search for providers on your own. But we believe in the concept of using a staffing firm and exclusively hire for our own internal employees through an agency. It saves us time, by allowing us to allocate our time to tasks that cannot be outsourced while recruitment is underway so we then only have to focus on the pre-screened candidates our agency presents to us.
9Should I use multiple agencies to search for providers?
For the most effective use of your time we recommend working with 1 or 2 reputable agencies to ensure you locate adequate staffing. If you are looking for a large number of providers at once you may wish to place an open order with up to 4 firms. Keep in mind that the more firms you work with the increased likelihood of receiving the same candidates from multiple firms.
10How do I determine if an agency is reputable?
There are several indicators for whether a recruitment and placement firm for anesthesia providers is reputable. Here are some questions to help you determine which company is for you.

• How long have they been in business?
• Do they internally credential providers prior to their assignment with you?
• Are they ethical?
• Ask for references if you still aren’t sure.

11Why partner with United Anesthesia?
We specialize in anesthesia staffing and placement and we’ve been helping facilities and groups just like yours since 1979. Our reputation has been built on friendly service and always trying to do the right thing by being fair to both the provider and the facility. We have a massive registry of anesthesia providers and understand the urgency of locating the right provider to help you now. We follow the standards set by the Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services certification and can share provider credentials with you to help streamline your own internal credentialing. Our goal is to provide you the customer service we would expect ourselves.